Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Girlfriends, I have an app to share with you. If your "honey do' list includes a project involving stairs, this app will help get your man motivated. Stairs are difficult and building a perfect staircase involves finely tuned calculations, usually wrung out of time-consuming trial and error.

My clever cousin has designed an app that works on an iPhone and iPad and handles all the calculations and complexity of building stairs. It has a graphical interface so that when you make an adjustment to the staircase, you see it change in the diagram. When you get the staircase just right you can email yourself a PDF of the plans for printing.

If your guy is a DIY type, you should buy or recommend this app. It's a great guy gift.

Check it out: http://stairs.delux.com/ or download the app in iTunes

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mrsjay said...

Hi, it amazes me that at the age of 60 my dad still "only" works out at home to your videos...its been well over 20 years now..he has just about all of them and because of him i have a few myself.....do you ever come to the states for seminars or anything? I would LOVE to give him the opportunity to meet you...it would blow his mind...